Hypnotherapy can help with . . .    anxiety / asthma / attention problems / bed wetting / blushing / bruxism (teeth grinding) / bulimia / emotional pain / eyesight improvement / frown lines / hyperactivity / insomnia / irrational fears / menopause / nightmares / obsessions and compulsions / overweight / pain control / panic attacks / phobias / poor memory / premenstrual tension / psychosomatic abdominal disorders / road rage / seasickness / sexual issues (read more) / sleep walking or talking / smoking / snoring / sports performance / undesired habits (nail biting, etc)5

Reintegrating personality

What if we could communicate directly with the unconscious mind? What if we could reason with it, acquaint it with our true needs, and relieve it of some less useful associations?

This is what we do in root cause hypnotherapy.

By finding, acknowledging and dealing with the point of origin of a given behaviour, we can reintegrate the subpersonality into the whole person, bring the conscious and unconscious minds back into harmony — and ultimately bring the client back to unity.