Hypnotherapy can help with . . .    anxiety / asthma / attention problems / bed wetting / blushing / bruxism (teeth grinding) / bulimia / emotional pain / eyesight improvement / frown lines / hyperactivity / insomnia / irrational fears / menopause / nightmares / obsessions and compulsions / overweight / pain control / panic attacks / phobias / poor memory / premenstrual tension / psychosomatic abdominal disorders / road rage / seasickness / sexual issues (read more) / sleep walking or talking / smoking / snoring / sports performance / undesired habits (nail biting, etc)0

When you know better, but it doesn't help

Everyone has problems. Sometimes we have problems we can't explain.

We may know that it makes sense to do one thing, but then find ourselves doing something else. We may see ourselves, again and again, reacting to situations in ways that we know do not help. We may be irrationally terrified of things we know are perfectly harmless. We may feel enslaved to behaviour patterns or substances that we know are hurting us.

There are, in fact, countless ways in which we can hold ourselves back from our own happiness — every day — without understanding why.

Where do these unwanted behaviours come from?

Very often their source is a secret locked away from us by our own unconscious minds.

The root cause of an undesired response could be a real trauma, or it could be some seemingly trivial event in a faraway moment — a casual remark, something briefly seen or felt — which your adult conscious mind dismisses as "no big deal". But that moment has imprinted itself so firmly in your unconscious, that today it rules your sphere of action.

It is this needless suffering that transpersonal psychology works to dispel.