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Hypnotherapy and sex

A good sex life has a significant positive effect on a person's total health. Sex relieves stress, and encourages the beneficial release of vital hormones and pheremones. By contrast, the absence of sexual release can give rise to a range of physical and mental problems, even if the link with sexuality isn't obvious. Even a couple who are very much in love may face serious relationship trouble, if their lovemaking is unsatisfactory.

The truth is that sex is more between the ears than between the legs. This is why hypnotherapy can be so effective in dealing with sexual problems.

Some adults have a problem with sex because they were brought up to believe sex was a bad thing. Childhood conditioning can have an unfortunate effect on married life. Hypnotherapy can help bring one's inner feelings into accord with reason.

Some people desire intimacy, but keep getting put off by something: a tiny detail can distract or dissuade them from enjoying the experience. This is typically connected with a memory in the unconscious mind, and can be helped by hypnotherapy.

With some couples there is a discrepancy in libido between the two partners. If one has a much more frequent desire for sex than the other, feelings of inadequacy can sabotage an otherwise healthy relationship. Hypnotherapy can help bring the desire levels between partners back to a healthy, happy balance.

Women may experience difficulty or inability to achieve orgasm. Men may experience either premature or delayed orgasm, or the frustrating inability to have an erection. Some problems can be helped by prescription medication, especially if the cause is manifestly physiological. But very often hypnotherapy can make a difference as well.

Hypnotherapy for sexual issues can require more than just a few sessions. First we need to identify and remove the root cause of the problem; thereafter we need to "train" the unconscious in how to progress.

Important. If you choose to seek hypnotherapy for sexual issues, you must first ensure that your hypnotherapist is a recognised practitioner. Set forth and agree on the rules of how therapy will work before you begin. And always remember that ethics prohibit any hypnotherapist to have any form of sexual contact with a client, ever. Sexuality is about vulnerability: always make sure you feel safe.

As always, consult your doctor about any health issue, to determine if there is a serious physiological source of the condition.