Hypnotherapy can help with . . .    anxiety / asthma / attention problems / bed wetting / blushing / bruxism (teeth grinding) / bulimia / emotional pain / eyesight improvement / frown lines / hyperactivity / insomnia / irrational fears / menopause / nightmares / obsessions and compulsions / overweight / pain control / panic attacks / phobias / poor memory / premenstrual tension / psychosomatic abdominal disorders / road rage / seasickness / sexual issues (read more) / sleep walking or talking / smoking / snoring / sports performance / undesired habits (nail biting, etc)6

My practice

My name is Jon Kenny. I am a transpersonal psychologist, based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and qualified by the European College of Hypnotherapy in the UK. I provide root cause hypnotherapy on appointment. Most clients find they only need to see me once or sometimes twice before their problem is dispelled.

After successful removal of the initial issue, it is not uncommon for clients to return for a separate issue.

My fees are generally higher than those of an average hypnotherapist, and commensurate with the speed and efficacy of the treatment itself.

I urge you to learn as much as you can about the different options before choosing a course of therapy. If you feel root cause hypnotherapy may help you, you are welcome to contact me to discuss it further.

You can reach me at jonkenny@rootcausehypnotherapy.com.